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    4. Carbon and Its Compounds
    5. Periodic Classification of Elements
    6. Control And Coordination
    7. Reproduction
    8. Heredity and Evolution
    9. Light: Reflection & Refraction
    10. The Human Eye
    11. Electricity
    12. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
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class 10 Science cbse ncert solution

Chemical Reactions and Equations

The process in which a substance goes under chemical change and new product or producs are formed...

Acid, Base & Salt

Taste of foods makes our life tasty. Every food we eat has some taste. Those tastes are sour, swe...

Metals & Non-metals

Substances can be classified into two categories i.e. between metals and non-metals on the basis ...


Today electricity became one of the most important needs for human. It appears that without elect...

Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

When a compass is brought near an electric current carrying conductor, the needle of compass gets...

Light: Reflection & Refraction

Light travels in straight line. An opaque object obstructs rays of light when it comes in the pat...

Carbon and Its Compounds

Carbon is the 15th most abundant element in earth's crust and fourth most abundant element in...


No organism survives forever and therefore, if a species is to continue to exist, its members mus...

Periodic Classification of Elements

Need of classification of elements became necessary with increase in discovery of elements.


The Human Eye

Eye is one of the most important sense organs. It is the eye which enables us to see and understa...

Heredity and Evolution

The branch of science which deals with the transmission of characters from one generation to anot...

Control And Coordination

Living organisms move in the response to change in the environment. Living organisms move to get ...